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Come join us on Monday Nights for Local's Nights


OPEN 11:00 AM  to  8:00PM  

 Friday and Saturday Last Seating  9:00 PM.


 Closed Wednesdays

1-877- 77-VEGAN

Eat Well, Feel Better

Our atmosphere is casual, tranquil and relaxing. All you have to do is come to visit, and you'll take home a piece of heaven. We look forward to seeing you!

Every Bite Has an Impact

Diets high in fruits, vegetables and whole grains can lower triglycerides and cholesterol thereby reducing the risk of heart disease. Plant-based protein sources such as tofu and tempeh have no cholesterol. Eliminating animal products removes cholesterol from the diet, which could reduce your risk of heart disease.
Additionally, a vegan diet tends to be lower in sodium than some other types of diets because most fruits and vegetables are low in sodium. Because sodium can increase blood pressure levels, lowering your consumption of salt and sodium may also contribute to better heart and vascular health.

Why Vegan Cuisine?

Whole food plant based diets are proven to help you avoid America's 10 biggest health problems. We offer awesome food made from plants, mostly organic, less than 10% fat, no added sugar,  so you can order anything on our menu and achieve a healthy diet. 

You will come for the place, come back for the taste... and stay.

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